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Business overview

Grainger is a specialist residential company.

Grainger is the UK’s largest listed specialist residential landlord and property manager.

Our objective is to be a leader in the residential market, delivering sustainable long-term returns to our investors and our partners from a combination of sales, rents and fee income.

Our strategy and our business reflect the changing dynamics of the residential market. We will use our core skills (trading, managing, investing, developing and fund management) and our agility to take advantage of the opportunities presented by these changes.

Through our business model we deliver strong returns from our reversionary and market rented assets and our residential expertise allows us to supplement these returns by generating management fee income. Our expertise and the scale of our assets and operations enable us to generate sustainable income streams.

We operate in the UK and in Germany. We own c.£2.0bn of residential property and manage c.20,000 properties worth c.£3.2bn on our own behalf and for our investors and partners as at 30 September 2014.


Our strategy consists of four strands:

1. Leading the market and creating new business opportunities

2. Maximising returns by actively managing our assets and ensuring they are located in the best economic areas

3. Balancing the sources of our income through exploiting changing market opportunities

4. Optimising our operational and financial gearing

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