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Market View

The UK needs more homes

Last year, the UK built about 152,520 new homes (DCLG). This is less than half the projected demand. According to a recent report by the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee, it is estimated the UK needs at least 300,000 new homes each year. By building homes specifically for the rental market (‘build to rent’), we are able to significantly contribute to new housing supply, and we are able to deliver homes much more quickly than other traditional forms of housebuilding.

Capital values (house prices)

UK house prices rose in the year ending 30 September 2016 by 3.7% according to the LSL Acadata House Price Index, 5.5% for the combined average of the Nationwide and Halifax house price indices, and 7.7% according to the Office of National Statistics.

Renting on the rise

Renting is the fastest growing housing tenure in the UK. It has doubled in size in the last decade and it is predicted to grow by 25% by 2020.

Britain needs to build more homes

Latest estimates suggest Britain requires ban additional 300,000 new homes per year (House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee, ‘Building more homes’ report, July 2016). Last year only 152,520 homes were built (DCLG).

Opportunity for large scale investors to gain market share

The UK rental housing market is dominated by small scale landlords. With less than ten properties each, they make up 98% of the entire PRS (DCLG, Landlord Survey).

Source for charts: Office for National Statistics

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