Our real estate assets

Grainger owns a significant portfolio of residential property assets across the United Kingdom and Germany worth c.£2.0bn as at 30 September 2014. We manage c.20,000 properties worth c.£3.2bn on our own behalf and for our investors and partners. Our assets provide strong and resilient cashflows through sales and rental income.

We have been recognised as the Best Residential Asset Manager at the RESI Awards in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Our locations
Our three income streams

Profit from Sales


Our largest source of income is through the sale of properties. Every year we sell c.600 properties when they become vacant and we occasionally sell further properties while they are tenanted when they no longer present sufficient value growth prospects.

Gross fees and other income


Our ability to manage large residential portfolios allows us to offer our expertise and services in the form of fund, property and asset management to third party clients, providing us with an increasing level of recurring income from fees.

Net Rents


Our second largest source of income is our rental income. Historically, the types of assets we owned provided strong sales income and relatively lower rental income, but as we deliver on our strategy, focusing on the private rented sector, a greater proportion of our revenue will come from rents.

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