Grainger Trust

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Grainger Trust

Grainger Trust – a joined up approach to homes

Who is Grainger Trust?


  • Grainger Trust is part of Grainger, the UK’s largest private residential landlord, with over 100 years’ experience of owning and managing properties
  • Grainger Trust is a registered provider of housing, delivering housing options for the 21st century

The Grainger plc values and ethos sit at the heart of the Grainger Trust’s business. Grainger Trust and Grainger plc operate as a single entity. Grainger Trust has the benefit of being able to call upon Grainger plc’s existing skill set and operational assets. This coordinated approach to our business allows us to manage all tenure types from a single, integral management platform.   

While Grainger Trust is a governed and regulated entity in its own right, it has the ability to leverage Grainger plc’s existing business activities, and is the preferred partner to acquire the affordable elements of Grainger plc’s significant development pipeline. This integrated approach is central in ensuring that the affordable elements of any scheme will add value and create a community.

Grainger Trust occupies a unique position in the market. Grainger provides a holistic approach to management in order to de-risk schemes and foster value creation. Grainger is therefore able to provide something no one else in the market place can offer. We are able to deliver quality homes across all tenure types taking a long term approach from a commercially sound footing. This integrated approach provides a powerful message to purchasers that this is a community where Grainger are committed for the long term.

Grainger’s 100 years’ experience is distilled by Grainger Trust’s to create aspirational homes which are designed and built specifically for our residents.

Why Grainger Trust?


  • Grainger Trust are part of a new breed of registered providers, we put our customers at the forefront of our business.
  • We ensure all our homes are built to the highest standards by working with an acclaimed team of experts
  • By working with National House builders, Grainger Trust ensures customers obtain a house they are proud to all home at a price they can afford
  • All of our newly built homes come with a National House Building Council (NHBC) warranty or equivalent.

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