Fund & Third Party Management

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Fund & Third Party Management

Grainger aims to be the first port of call for any organisation seeking exposure to the UK and German residential property markets.

We are a long-term player and aligning our interests to those of our partners, through co-investment or shared reward arrangements, is at the heart of our values.

Here are a few examples of our partnerships:

We are a co-investor in one of the UK’s largest market-let residential investment funds, GRIP, alongside Europe’s biggest institutional investor, APG, the Dutch pension fund asset manager. In addition, we provide fund management, asset management and property management services to the fund. Find out more about GRIP here. In 2014 GRIP was awarded ‘‘Sector Leader - European Residential Small Cap’ (<1bn AUM) category in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark 2014 Result. The PRS fund has been placed in the ‘Green Star’ performance category which represents the highest category of performance.

In Aldershot, England we have entered a long-term relationship with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation of the Ministry of Defence, leading a highly complex project to deliver approximately 4,000 homes and community facilities on historically important, but surplus, military land to create a thriving community to the benefit of Aldershot and delivering the best value for the Ministry of Defence.

For Lloyds Banking Group and other financial institutions we provide a Residential Asset Management Platform (RAMP) to manage residential buy-to-let portfolios that have entered into administration. In this deal, the first of its kind in the UK, we receive fees based on rent, disposals and shared success fees, fully aligning our interests with our partners for any assets placed into the RAMP. (Further detail can be found below.)

In Germany, we have a joint venture with the global real estate investment firm Heitman which owns c.3,000 German rented residential units. The JV is 75:25 owned by Heitman, on behalf of a global institutional investor, and Grainger, respectively. Grainger acts as the fund manager and asset and property manager for the JV. The JV’s long-term strategy is aimed at maximising returns through income growth and active asset management.

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