Welcome Statement

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Welcome Statement

Welcome to our Sustainability report for 2015/16.

Welcome to our sustainability report for 2015/16 which provides an overview of some of our sustainability highlights, and our overall performance over the past year.

Grainger is over one hundred years old and our ethos is about being a long-term investor. This long-term approach differentiates us from other organisations, and governs everything that we do. We are developing properties that we will still be managing in another hundred years, and we hope the children of our current residents will aspire to live in them when they grow old.

Our focus on the rental housing market is about a long-term commitment to ownership. This influences everything we do from how we design our properties to our relationships with our customers. Although we are looking at a new PRS model through build to rent developments like Abbeville, across our estate there are great examples where we have been doing this for the last hundred years. For example at our Moor Pool Estate in Harborne, there are great amenities in place for residents and our staff are heavily involved in the community. It’s about focusing on our core expertise of being a caring and responsible landlord.

Sustainability has to be built into the design of our properties from day one, and failing to invest at this stage will only mean higher costs further down the line.

Ensuring that the environments in which people live are sustainable means more than just building energy efficient properties, it is about making an investment in that community, and altogether this is a platform for customer retention.

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