Corporate Responsibility Strategy

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Corporate Responsibility Strategy


Our commitment to corporate responsibility is based on a firm belief that this will help us to maintain commercial advantage, manage the risks associated with our operations, increase our efficiency and enhance our reputation. To this end we seek to align our CR strategy with over-arching business plans and decision-making processes and embed our principles into the way we operate on a daily basis. Corporate Responsibility is very much in line with our strategic objectives and our values:

Our CR Strategy, 'ETHOS', was developed in 2009 to align CR with our business priorities. ETHOS was built to address the long-term risks and opportunities affecting our business and over the past five years we have made significant progress in embedding CR throughout our business operations. The overall purpose is to make Grainger a resilient business which we define as our ability to:

  • Manage risk
  • Maintain income streams
  • Protect value in a low growth, low carbon environment

Numerous policies and procedures underpin our CR strategy. These are available to download here.


CR Principles

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