Sustainability Strategy

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Sustainability Strategy


Our commitment to sustainability is based on a firm belief that this will help us to maintain commercial advantage, manage the risks associated with our operations, increase our efficiency and enhance our reputation. To this end we seek to align our sustainability strategy with over-arching business plans and decision-making processes and embed our principles into the way we operate on a daily basis. Sustainability is very much in line with our strategic objectives and our values.

Our business strategy is focused on three themes:

1) Building on our heritage

2) Simplifying and focusing the business, and

3) Growing our rental business.


Because the PRS sector offers us a greater range of influence – from the design phase to managing the long-term operations – we believe more than ever that sustainability is an essential component in building a substantial market-leading PRS business. Because we take a long-term approach to our properties, we will be able to design features that will enhance health and wellbeing for our customers, retrofit existing properties to suit tomorrow’s renters and respond to investor, customer and regulatory demands.

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