Responsibility to Stakeholders

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Responsibility to Stakeholders

Managing stakeholder relationships to achieve transparency, understanding and trust

We have a responsibility to act in the long-term interests of our stakeholders and doing so makes Grainger a more successful and respected business.


What we want to achieve: We want our stakeholders to fully understand the nature of Grainger’s business activities and be confident that we take our environmental, social and economic responsibilities seriously.

Why it matters: Better understanding among our stakeholders and collaborative working will improve the value we are able to generate for our stakeholders.


Our performance in 2015/16:

  1. We conducted focus groups with residents and prospective tenants of our PRS communities to understand what they want and expect from their landlord.
  2. We investigated setting up an apprenticeship scheme with our repairs and maintenance partner, Kier, and have developed a proposal for implementing such a scheme in the future.
  3. The continued improvement in our scores on GRESB, CDP, and retaining our EPRA Gold award for sustainability reporting demonstrates our continued commitment to reporting our performance transparently to all our stakeholders.

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