Protecting Assets and Income

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Protecting Assets and Income

Proactive management of sustainability risks and opportunities to protect income streams

What we’re doing with sustainability is not a tick box exercise, it’s about improving the asset performance and making a product that gives better choice to tenants.” Paul Ruston, GRIP asset manager

What we want to achieve: Grainger’s overarching aim is to be a resilient business that anticipates and adapts to risks and opportunities that are likely to impact our assets and income streams. Improving the sustainability of our properties and maintaining satisfied residents are fundamental aspects of proactive management.

Why it matters: By carefully responding to risks and opportunities, Grainger can manage risk and differentiate from peers in the current uncertain economic climate.

Our performance in 2015/16:


  1. We developed a green lease clause to be piloted on commercial leases in our GRIP REIT portfolio.
  2. We continued undertaking tenant satisfaction surveys to understand how we are delivering against customer expectations and have developed a new survey to consistently measure customer satisfaction across all our portfolios.
  3. We agreed a strategy to understand and respond to the risk associated with Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards which will come into force in April 2018. This includes prioritising properties for improvement works.

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