Investing in Communities and Places

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Investing in Communities and Places

Maximising portfolio value by investing in places and engaging with communities.

“I find volunteering very rewarding and achieve a great sense of satisfaction knowing that you’re helping others and supporting the local community.  It is an opportunity to meet new people and work together as a team and is also a chance to explain to people who Grainger are and what we do.” Grainger employee

“The link between Grainger employing people and housing people connects us to the charities and the communities we work with over the long term” Kurt Mueller, Director of Corporate Affairs.

What we want to achieve: Grainger seeks to demonstrate our long term commitment to the communities in which we operate by improving the economic, social and environmental quality of these environments.


Why it matters: The success of our business investments are underpinned by the success of the local area and community.

Our performance in 2015/16:

  1. Launched the Community Development Strategy for Wellesley, our large housing development in Aldershot, promoting and supporting a strong, active and inclusive community. The four priorities for community development at Wellesley include:
    1. Employment, training and apprenticeships    
    2. Enterprise
    3. Placemaking, and
    4. Community involvement
  2. We have sponsored a number of events within the wider Aldershot Community, including the Aldershot Football Club, Rushmoor Wellesley 10K, a Victoria Day carnival, and a fireworks evening. Additionally, we have run scavenger hunts for local schools in the Wellesley Woodlands, and have arranged site tours of key historic buildings for local residents
  3. We have supported the development of a new community building in Wellesley, and have supported The Vine training kitchen through providing kitchen equipment for their training program and mobile café. In 2016, we have also worked with a local group of veterans with PTSD to develop another piece of land for use by the community.
  4. Our contractors have continued to engage with members of the local community around our Young Street development, hosting regular residents meetings, recording compliments, comments and complaints, providing site visits for local students, and fundraising for Cancer Research UK.
  5. We have adopted a methodology to measure the socio-economic impact created by our developments.


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