Driving Efficiency

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Driving Efficiency

Promoting efficiency in working practices to make Grainger a lean business and to minimise environmental impact.


What we want to achieve: Grainger aims to operate as efficiently as possible. This means better understanding the environmental impacts over which we have direct control, monitoring these impacts and reducing them over time.

Why it matters: By increasing our efficiency over time, we can save both costs and valuable natural resources.


Our performance in 2015/16:

  1. To ensure we work with our contractors to minimise environmental impacts on our development sites, we have integrated our Environmental Management System into our project procurement process and into our development specification
  2. We have conducted whole life costing analysis for our PRS properties to understand the long-term operational costs of investments and d­­eliver the best returns
  3. We continue to monitor the GHG emissions generated through our repairs and maintenance contracts.
  4. We undertook a review of our procurement function, identifying opportunities to consider sustainable procurement which we will look to implement in 2016/17.


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