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Dividend Reinvestment Plan

The dividend reinvestment plan (the ‘Plan’) is a simple and cost effective way to build your shareholding in Grainger plc by using the dividends to buy additional shares. Plan terms and conditions are available upon request via the Capita Shareholder Helpline on +44 (0)371 664 0381 (calls are charged at the standard geographic rate and will vary by provider. Calls outside the United Kingdom are charged at the applicable international rate.  Lines are open between 9.00am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays in England and Wales).  Alternatively, you can email shares@capita.co.uk or log on to www.capitashareportal.com.

Summary of the Plan

Your cash dividend is used to buy shares.


Purchases are made on, or as soon as reasonably practicable after, the dividend payment date.


A dealing commission has been arranged of 1.0% (minimum charge of £2.50) plus Stamp Duty, (currently 0.5%) of the value of the shares bought.


After the shares have been bought you will be sent a share certificate (if applicable) together with a statement showing:


  • The number of shares purchased for you.
  • The price at which the shares were bought.
  • The total costs deducted; and
  • The cash balance to be carried over to the next dividend payment date.

How do I join the Plan?


A Dividend Reinvestment Plan Application Form can be requested from Capita by phone, email (see details above) or by visiting www.capitashareportal.com.  An application will apply to the reinvestment of all future dividends unless you withdraw form the Plan in accordance with the terms and conditions.  If you want to continue to receive a cash dividend, then you need take no action.  There is no charge for withdrawing from the Plan.


Who can join the Plan?


You may join the Plan if you are resident in the United Kingdom, or another country within the European Economic Area, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.


What happens to cash balances after shares have been bought?


As only whole shares can be bought under the Plan, there will usually be a cash surplus left over after each share purchase.  This will be carried forward, without interest, and added to the next dividend payment.


How does this affect my tax position?


You are liable for income tax on dividends reinstated under the Plan on the same basis as if you had received cash and arranged the investment yourself.  You should therefore include the dividend on your tax return in the usual way.  You may be liable to capital gains tax if you dispose of the shares.


Please note that this is a summary of current UK legislation and Inland Revenue practices; is not exhaustive; and it only deals with the position of a shareholder resident in the UK.  Neither the company not Computershare are authorised to give financial or tax advice.


None of these services are a recommendation to buy, sell or hold shares in Grainger plc, nor to use the services if Capita IRG Trustees Limited (‘Capita’).  If you are unsure of what action to take you should obtain independent financial advice.  Please note that share values may go down as well as up, which may result in you receiving less than you originally invested.


In so far as this statement constitutes a financial promotion, it has been approved by Capita for the purpose of section 21(2)(b) of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.  Capita is authorised and regulated by the Financial Service Authority.


If you live in a country where the provisions of such services would be contrary to local laws or regulations, this should be treated for information only.

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