Investment Case

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Investment Case

Strategy in action:

We will improve total returns to shareholders by:

Strategic objective 1: Maintain our leading position in residential property

Delivery and outcome: Repeated contributions to the development of the residential market, which has resulted in new opportunities presented to us because of our leading position.

Strategic objective 2: Maximising returns by actively managing our assets and ensuring they are located in the best economic areas

Delivery and outcome: Active asset management and a geographical focus on areas we believe will deliver the best returns has enabled Grainger to consistently outperform the market. Currently, 60% of our UK portfolio is located in London and the South East of England by value.

Strategic objective 3: Balancing the sources of our income through exploiting changing market opportunities

Delivery and outcome: Innovative transactions to increase exposure to the rental market such as ‘Build to Rent’ and ‘Registered Provider’ for social housing and new business partnerships in 2012 have increased fee income by 24% in 2013. We will continue to grow the proportion of operating profits composed of rents and fees through developing relationships with existing and future partners and building operating and management platforms. And we will build on opportunities arising in all parts of the residential property market using our core skills in property and asset management.

Strategic objective 4: Reducing our financial and operational gearing

Delivery and outcome: Reduction in financial gearing and a more efficient cost base in light of a reduction in owned assets and an increase in assets under management.


Comment on strategy objectives:

Grainger has three sources of income across our areas of business activity:

  Sales Rental Fee
UK residential

Retirement solutions

Fund management and residential investments    



German residential



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